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Haunted Houses

November 1, 2016

Spooky OOky Homes. I was looking around to see where I might find haunted houses in the area. I found several where gruesome murders had occurred. Since I am precluded by law from stigmatizing a property I will not, cannot discuss these homes. Or Haunted ones. Go online you will find them.

Per “Stigmatized properties are homes where a real or rumored event occurred that didn’t physically affect the property but could adversely impact its desirability.” That is where the courts have said that by disclosing such information will put a home in such an unfavorable light the value is adversely affected, price goes down. Both for a seller or a tenant. Some examples would include homes that are haunted, where murders have occurred and someone has died naturally or by suicide. Serious illness, such as aids, cult activity and famous adulteries are also considered stigmatizing. I say if you need to know, talk with the neighbors.

So, keep in mind, these things do not need disclosed. How about you? Could you live there? I think there is a buyer for every home. I also think someone would pay a premium for that opportunity. Not me mind you however there is always a buyer willing to buy, cost is always the issue. Time is also an issue. If the home was in the news it can take longer to sell. The mansion where the Manson Murders took place reportedly took 20 years to sell however it sold for market value. Hmmm I think I would rather have bought the Playboy Mansion. Of course, the Playboy Mansion was about 20 times the cost however it does come with Hef. According to a 2000 study from Wright State University of stigmatized homes, these home tend to sell for 3% below value and take 45% longer to sell.

It was fun looking at the homes and reading the stories behind the “haunting”. Some were gruesome murders, I would just as soon not read those stories in detail. For me the funny ones were the bars where patrons and staff had seen visions. Could be the drink I think. Still makes me smile. Have a Happy Safe Halloween, Richie Rich

The Torch Is Passed

August 4, 2016

I lost a good friend and mentor last week. As I buried my friend I thought, man look at all the people here, such a blessing. She wasn’t a well known public person, Head of State kind of person. She was like most of us, a person. A Mom, wife, sister, friend and neighbor. I remember praying that when I go I hope there are this many caring people at my funeral. Then I prayed that I would be like her and her husband, altruistic, honestly good caring people.
As I write this article I think to myself how I am getting to be more and more like them and other great mentors I have in my life. I also recognize how my bride and I are becoming mentors ourselves. It makes me smile in my heart. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – Charles Caleb Colton. I believe that as I imitate the mentors I have had it keeps the torch lit and it is passed on to me from them. How lucky am I.
So now I ask you my dear readers, are you being a mentor? Do you need to find a mentor? Let me tell you where the mentors are not. Social media for certain will not produce mentors. Social media allows quick limited communication amongst people. So where do we find them Rich? Great question.
To find a mentor or be one let’s look at the definition: someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person, a trusted counselor or guide. The big words there are teaches or gives help, advice to a less experienced one. Most of us a can give advice however how do we help or teach. Do we give someone a chance, perhaps, how about we do all three, teach, help and advise by example? Invite them into your life. Let them see how you live and then keep them there. Take them to lunch, breakfast or invite them to your family BBQ. Suggest they stretch to a higher position and then support them as they try. The most expensive gift we have is our time. Some will cherish it and rise up. Some will not and move on. Either way we are better for having them in our lives. Especially when they succeed. So keep the torch lit and help pass it on. All the Best Rich

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