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August 4, 2016

I decided to try and tear the roof off of my home so the roofer can install it. I wanted my kids to help to learn from the experience. Ooops I did not really think this thru. See when I was a kid I did things like this however I forgot I have a bad back, no roof for me and my daughter is recovering from a knee injury, no roof for her. So my son is up there by himself. I accept what he has done and say good job. No one is there to show him how to do it. I couldn’t ask for a better kid. A quick reach out to friends and no one is available. I guess earning some summer money is not worth the trouble. If only there was an app to do this. Hmmm
So what’s a guy to do? Well I will hire some labor. I managed to find Paul and he is amazing as is Ashlee at Labor Ready. Thank you to both.
I had a problem and I solved it. It did not go as planned. It cost more and there was room in the budget for it. What a great learning opportunity for myself, my clients and most importantly my family. They learned Dad is not so perfect, can apologize and does not give up when we hit a road bump. Many people today expect life to be perfect and nothing should go wrong and if it does somebody owes them for it. Wrong on all accounts. Life happens and our attitude dictates how we feel. I could have stomped my foot and yelled at the world. What good would it do? Everyone around me would be angry and not as effective. I choose to accept what goes wrong and find a solution. Not a blame. So keep in mind that as you DIY things around the home it is good. Anticipate there could be problems and be ready with a plan. When I planned the roof repair I anticipated that we may need help. I had a plan, I followed the suggestions of others and it worked out. I was open and ready when we hit a snafu. It is a good thing. The experience for my kids is awesome. I could not be prouder of them and the lessoned learned. And I get a new roof. The added expenses would be the same if someone else did it. So go ahead and do it yourself. Stay calm and the rewards are awesome. All the Best Richie Rich

Location Location Location

August 2, 2016

In helping to determine value of a home we must consider the number 1-3 rules of real estate. Location Location Location. According to the NY Times this phrase has been in use since 1926. So what things negatively affect a location, a neighborhood? NAR (national Association of Realtors) did a study and determined the following items negatively bring down a home’s value. These things are not surprising, we know what they are. How they change values may surprise you. The top 5 are #5 Cemetery -12.3% #4 Homeless Shelter -12.7% #3 High Renter Concentration -13.8% #2 Strip Club -14.7% and the number 1 factor that has negative impact on your home value is A Bad School -22.2%

To read the complete article go to

A lower value does not mean a bad neighborhood.

To some folks these things are not negative. In Queens NY we lived near cemeteries all the time. Nice neighborhoods however no developer was looking to build the newest Trump Tower there. A lower value does not mean a bad neighborhood. Have you ever looked at a home and said if this was over there instead of here it would be worth so much more. Location Location Location

This brings up another quote that people don’t often say but truly mean, Not By Me. A new fill in the blank wants to open up and we hear great idea, we could use another one, just not in this neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be better over there? It’s not that people don’t understand the need for such services, they believe it will have a negative impact on their home and lifestyle. When a fast food chain builds in your back yard and smell from the grease scents your home or a parking lot hosts 18 wheelers waiting to unload with parking lot lights shining bright all night we may all go there however we don’t think, I’m glad this new place is not by me, until the next one is ready to open right in our own backyard. Then we go into full swing, jamming the City council meeting trying to fight off this newest development that dares to change our way of life. What were they thinking? How could they? Happy House Hunting, don’t forget, location location location. All the Best Richie Rich

I Prefer Milder Temps

August 1, 2016

I am a fair weather fisherman. Really hot temperatures or cold drive me indoors. As does rain and snow. I prefer brisk mornings that warm to about 70 in the afternoon. The heat these days is just draining my energy. I like to think I am not the only one. Yet I still sell real estate in this market so what should home owners do if their home is listed for sale?

Keep everything green!!! Get out a hand sprinkler and water brown spouts as needed. If need be double check the sprinklers. I had to replace 2 valves and a controller the other week. Many times we defer maintenance only to realize HEY perhaps that is why the grass is not green. If the flowers you planted have died; don’t try to save them, replant new ones.

I cannot stress the importance to keep your house cooled. I suggest to about 75-78* if you can. Many times we try to save energy only to use more trying to cool our home later on. Not when selling please. Nothing makes me and usually my clients want to leave faster than a hot house. Leaves us wondering if the a/c even works.

When I am showing homes to prospective buyers I try to bring extra water bottles. I had one client who, upon learning I love Fiji water, would bring me some every time we looked at a home. For those times I could not bring water I always appreciated a note that said, help yourself to some cold water. Sometimes it was in the fridge, sometimes on the table. Either way I always did appreciate it. Does it help you sell your home? Not really however if a buyer wants to make an offer they are already thinking these are good folks selling.

So keep cool my dear readers. Work in the early mornings, find shade and comfort for those hot nights. Your home will sell; it may just have to bake a little more. All the Best Richie Rich

No Free Rides or Apps

July 28, 2016

WOW, apps are everywhere. You need to find a ride, UBER, a place nearby to eat, YELP, find a home, Zillow. Or pick the newest hottest one and BAM a free service has been provided.

In real estate Zillow and Trulia are duking it out. Sure there are others however, for today, these are the top 2. And they give the consumer all the information they want. FOR FREE! Who doesn’t like free? As a matter of fact when we go on the internet we expect it to be free and we are offended when it is not. I know I do, how about you?

However no one could possibly run such a large technology business for free. From what I am told UBER drivers pay 25% of their fare to the company, I can guess YELP and OPEN TABLE charge the restaurants they promote.

So what about Zillow and Trulia? Why I can tell you how many calls a week I get from both trying to sell me ad space. They expect me to spend thousands of dollars to pay for the leads they get. Say what Rich? They are selling my information to lenders and Realtors? Yes they are, there are no free rides or apps out there.

Well that’s OK I’m just looking Rich. Really, so it doesn’t bother you when someone, who has paid to be promoted to you, gets your information and then starts calling and emailing you? Or better yet when you choose to work with them because they sent you an email that you found met your needs? Come on folks, you are smarter than that.

Yes they service these online companies provide is awesome. However do you really want to trust someone who you met online do help you with the single largest purchase in your life? Are you really going to send them all your personal information including your social security number? Really? What the heck are you thinking?

So please, talk to family and friends. Find someone they know who can and has been trusted in the past. For the younger folks I believe they call it a personal recommendation. Me I call it talking with folks, face to face. Face Book, Next Door, Twitter are not the places to find someone. All the Best Richie Rich


Curb Appeal

July 26, 2016

Whew, I am hot! When did summer arrive? We are at least 20 degrees above average. If you are selling your home or getting it ready to sell add water. Fast! Nothing helps sell a home as much as curb appeal. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines curb appeal as the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street. To me curb appeal is the difference between someone wanting to go in your home and look and looking just because they are there. SAY WHAT Rich?

Allow me to explain. Many a time I have a buyer in my car and we head to a home. When we arrive the buyer says. “Uh, Uhm” I ask if they like it and they say “NO, however let’s look anyway since we are here.” I am here to tell you I have never sold a home to a buyer that so disliked the outside they were hesitant to look inside. Even though the interior is amazing. Curb appeal counts.

Rich, really, I don’t want to remodel the front of my home. I get it. I am not asking you to unless it is falling down, however that is another discussion. I am asking that you clean it up and dress it up.

Are the trees blocking the front of the home. Perhaps we trim them to allow a view of the home. Are the shrubs blocking the windows? Let’s remove them and put in a flower bed. Is the grass gone? New sod time. Is the front of the home a blank slate? Let’s put some flowers in pots and hanging baskets and add some relief to the home that you can leave or take with you.

What about the driveway/walk way. Is it broken? Seal the cracks, most stores sell a tube product that works great.

Is the walk way clear of obstructions? Is it cracked and in need of a makeover? Perhaps you have no walkway, let’s add one. Are hoses put away neatly?

Another way to add curb appeal is dress up the front door. Fresh paint, new hardware, perhaps a knocker.

These are some truly basic ideas that you can do whether you’re selling or not. It is not too hot yet in the mornings to get these done. The weather is supposed to go back to normal. So get it planned, get it done before summer really arrives. All the Best Richie Rich

What Happens When A Buyer Does Not Buy

July 25, 2016

Last time we talked about what happens if a seller chooses not to sell. So now let’s look at a buyer. The purchase and sales agreement used by Realtors spells it out pretty clearly. If the buyer does not buy the earnest money can be returned, kept or argued over. Simple huh?

Earnest money is generally returned when a buyer fails to get approved for a loan, even if they were pre qualified. It can also be returned if the home does not appraise for purchase price and an appraisal was required for the loan. I have seen a lender send me a preapproval letter and then the next day say they will not be getting a loan. This is frustrating for all involved. It becomes more frustrating the further along the transaction has moved. Inspections have been done, repairs negotiated and done and then BAM, we find out the buyer will not get a loan. Then the seller wants the earnest money only to find out they don’t get it. It can be so frustrating.

Earnest money can be kept when a buyer defaults in the performance of the agreement. Basically they change their minds and decide not to buy the property. Buyers’ remorse aka cold feet, decide not to move, decide to move elsewhere etc are some of the common reasons why a buyer fails to perform. The seller can choose to accept the earnest money for damages or ask that it not be released pending resolution of the matter if they are seeking a larger dollar amount.

Earnest money is argued over when both parties believe they have a claim to the money. Many times this involves pride. The amount of earnest money being argued over many times is exceeded by the time and money it takes to being proved you are right.

It is a good thing that the sales contract spells it out for us so well. Another great reason to hire a Realtor is that when something like this happens they can give you great advice. As always I m not an attorney and all of the above is just an opinion. For legal advice contact an attorney. All the Best Richie Rich


Security Check

July 25, 2016

Summer is here and now is a good time to run a security check of your home. Yes indeed. As the weather gets hotter we tend to leave doors and windows open. These can be open invitations to a thief.

The other day my bride left out a cooler to dry. We all left that morning and several days later we realized someone had swiped our cooler, a small junky one. Good Grief. Years ago an artificial deer, the kind used for hunting, was taken out of my fenced yard. Keep in mind if I see you I will have the police come and arrest you. Better yet if my neighbors see you they will call the police as well. I love my neighbors and in the past they have helped catch a few criminals. I know I have said it before however get to know your neighbors.

So what is a security check Rich? Great question it is where you go around and check door frames, window locks, etc to make sure they are in good working order. You can call your local police department and they should be able to have a police officer come by to help you look and suggest where a weakness is. It could be that your brand new BBQ in the front driveway is not the best location. If you go to the National Crime Prevention Council they have a great check list of reminders that includes what we should be doing such as having a friend pick up your mail while on vacation and setting timers.

I took a home security checklist test at and was quite surprised by the score I got. Let’s just say there are things to be done this weekend before this article hits the paper. One of the things I tell my clients is that as you move make a movie, take pictures etc of your belongings in case of theft. Also don’t store that list and other papers in your safe. I suggest a safety deposit box because what will you do if they take your safe? Happened to my friend, the thieves went in and just took his extra large gun safe; with all the records of serial numbers and such for his collection. UGH.

So do a security check and have a great summer. All the best Richie Rich

2346 Rainfall Meridian Id

July 25, 2016

Words alone cannot describe all this home has to offer. Please look at the tour. The exterior of this home is fully landscaped with borders, pavers, multiple outdoor gathering spots and an enclosed sun room. With 3 garages and 2 sheds there is plenty of storage, beautiful floors, both wood and tile, a fireplace to warm your hearts and an office with a built in work station. The kitchen is gorgeous as well. Stainless steel appliances, huge pantry, lots of counter space and more.



Voting on the West Ada School District Bond Issue

March 8, 2015

The bond vote is Tuesday March 10th. Please get out and exercise your right to vote. I have heard several opinions on the matter. For the nays, the Board is top heavy (too much management), how come they don’t take pay cuts. The teachers make way too much. We can have bigger class room sizes. For the ayes, we need the rooms, kids don’t even get lunch because they run out, and teachers deserve raises.

All of the above are passionate discussion points. However I believe we should looks at other issues. Since this is my column, I choose to share my thoughts on it. I know I know You can’t wait to hear.

Despite what some elected officials say our schools are doing poorly in national rankings. I have a hard time thinking a major business will move here when the kids will need to attend the worst schools in the nation. Rich, what is your point? It has been proven that smaller class sizes result in higher learning. Vote Yes!

A trusted friend that works with children on the local and national level once told me that prison population estimates are based on what is going on in 3rd grade. Good gravy!!! I think smaller class sizes result in children at risk having a better chance of success and staying out of prison. Vote Yes!

Eagle Middle School is 250 students over capacity. Lake Hazel Middle School is 452 students over capacity. Heritage Middle School is 162 students over capacity. New construction in these areas is going well. New construction pumps lots of money into high paying jobs in economy and is helping the country get out of the recession. More homes mean more students, Vote Yes!

The bond will add 2 middle schools, 1 elementary and finish the remodel at Meridian High School. 1 middle school and the elementary are south of I84, the other middle school will be in Star. All underserved areas of our community that are experiencing growing pains. Vote Yes!

I have walked the halls of Meridian HS. It desperately needed a face lift. How a room, building look have an effect on the student and their ability to learn. Vote Yes!

The levy rate decreased this year. If the bond passes the levy rate remains the same. SAY WHAT RICH, we saved money? The rate does not increase? Damn straight! Vote Yes!

All the Best Richie Rich

What Warm Weather

March 3, 2015

The weather certainly has been a touch warmer than normal. What to do? Well, there’s always yard work. Especially if you are selling your home or thinking of selling. We had an early snow and there were lots of leaves trapped and they should be removed. Weeds are starting to sprout, as well as some springtime flowers. You may want to stop in at your favorite garden shop and see how to get rid of the weeds and protect the flowers. There are also some flowers you can plant that should survive this time of year.

You want to get your lawn ready to go. Seed, fertilize etc. If the house needs paint, you can start scraping it. I personally believe the weather has to be above 50 degrees to paint; however, there are other thoughts as well. If the fence needs repair, you can do that now.

On my own home, I am moving a fence line. I dug, okay okay, my son dug 5 post holes by hand and commented on how easy it was. I told him because of the wet weather digging is easier. By the time I ran to the hardware store for poles and cement, he was ready. I saved the cost of a power posthole digger. Plus, the manual labor was not so hard for a teenager to make him resent it. How lucky am I?!? Now that it is somewhat rainy and cooler, I can hang the new fence and stretch it without waiting for the posts to be installed – 1 month ahead of schedule.

Also, builders are sinking foundations in the ground. That is always good to see. New home construction always adds money to the economy especially with good paying jobs. Plus, new home buyers also need to purchase things such as blinds, carpeting, lawn and garden items, new furniture and the list goes on and that all helps the retail industry.

So enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Get out in the yard now, so you can relax and enjoy it during the late spring/summer time.  All the Best Richie Rich

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