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Memorial Day and Real Estate

May 26, 2017

Come on Rich, Memorial Day and Real Estate, really? We all know you sell real estate, but really, a National holiday?

Well my dear readers read on. If you look back at the wars, fights, skirmishes we have had they all had real estate involved . From no fly zones, usually over a land area, to the Marine Core Hymn real estate is involved. From the Shores of Tripoli, where we went after the pirates where they lived, to shouts of “hold the high ground fellas” real estate was involved. The first fight this country ever had was to protect our real estate and the minerals, trees and riches that came with it. Others wanted it and we fought to defend and protect it. Along with our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Some of these American soldiers now own a small piece of real estate overseas. According to ( by the end of WWI thirty thousand, that’s 30,000 American soldiers were buried overseas. By the end of WWII over fifty thousand, 50,000, American soldiers. This does not include those MIA- Missing in Action. I did not find statistics for Korea or Vietnam of soldiers buried overseas however the number of soldiers buried overseas from WWII is close to the total number killed in Korea (appx 50,000) or Vietnam (58193) [WIKI]. If we add together all the US Soldiers who have died in wars up to January 2007 over 1 Million, (1,000,000) [WIKI] Another 6,393 have died from 2007-2010.

What I am truly saying readers is please don’t forget to remember the real reason behind the holiday. To honor and most importantly , REMEMBER those fallen soldiers who have paid the ultimate price in defense of our homes, our land, our worldly possessions, our liberties, religions and beliefs. So hang the flag with pride from your home, tell your children why we do this, say a prayer or observe a moment of silence.

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