A Promising Future, Spring is Near

I was reading a story about my friend on FB. She has had her struggles with many things growing up and is currently a single Mom working to make it on her own. She recently lost her job due to downsizing. Right now, many are thinking, she’s probably living off my dollar. Unemployment, subsidy for her kiddo and so on. Not so fast I say. Here’s what she did: 37 applications filled out in 1 day. 7 interviews the next and BAM! A J-O-B that she started the next day. She does not know how much I admire her for this. Well Done Kiddo, Well Done.

As I listen to the birds chirping, with 10 inches of ice on the ground, they are singing a song. Spring is near, so is your future. While things may look bleak right now, spring is coming and things will get better. If things look bleak to you, do what my young friend did. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again (I think this may make a song). We live in the greatest country in the world. I fully believe we can change our lives and do more here than anywhere else. We don’t have to accept our lot in life, we can make it better, if we choose. No one will do it for us, some will help us, yet we need to do it. Ask for help, accept what comes your way and keep pushing forward. Or lay there and wallow in your self-pity.

My own Grandfather came over from Germany. He was forced out by his family who feared the Nazis. They couldn’t get everyone out so they sent him. He hated it. He longed to return. As things got progressively worse over there he kept going. He had 2 jobs to support his family. He worked as a super in NYC. A super cleans the buildings, puts out the trash and feeds the furnace if needed. They also make minor repairs. For this they get a place to live and a small stipend. He also worked at Nathan’s in Coney Island. He did this to support 5 kids and his wife. They all pitched in.

A success story about 2 individuals doing what they can to survive in conditions that are not ideal. A very promising future for us all. Spring is near, rebirth can begin. Chase the American Dream with everything you have, everything HE gives you, and keep moving forward. God Bless, Richie Rich



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