You Can’t Judge a Home From the Pictures

You can’t judge a book by its cover or a home from the pictures. As a Realtor part of my job is to make certain the homes I list for sale look good in the pictures. This is especially true when folks are looking online. When I do a good job, people look at the home. Once of the nicest compliments I receive is when someone says, it looked so good in the pictures. To help me accomplish this I use a videographer as well as a photographer. They do truly amazing work. Thank you SP Digital.

I was reminded of this when I ordered a book from an online source. When it arrived I was surprised and somewhat disappointed at how small the book looked like in real life as opposed to what the picture showed. I was further reminded when a friend called to ask my thoughts on someone buying a home sight unseen except for pictures. I suggested that if it wasn’t a person buying it as an investment I would be quite uncomfortable. I guess I should have listened to my own advice and gone to the bookstore.

When I first got in the business I was working a million dollar land deal with out of state investors. In talking with my broker I said I could never understand how someone could buy a property without ever seeing it in person. I still feel that way, even more so with homes. However I have seen and heard of many buyers never physically going to a home before making an offer to buy. Very scary for a seller, what happens when they show up to inspect your home or move in and they don’t like it? Or something was edited out of a photo or video; YIKES trouble for the listing agent as well as the buyers’ agent. I may have heard of a lawsuit or two. I have also visited homes where the photos did not do it justice and my clients got a very good deal. The price was great, the neighborhood worked and when we actually walked through it, WOWZA!!!

So while it is good to start with an online search, please visit the home, in the daylight and see if you do like it. Sometimes you may be disappointed however sometimes you find a jewel in the rough. All the Best Richie Rich


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