No Free Rides or Apps

WOW, apps are everywhere. You need to find a ride, UBER, a place nearby to eat, YELP, find a home, Zillow. Or pick the newest hottest one and BAM a free service has been provided.

In real estate Zillow and Trulia are duking it out. Sure there are others however, for today, these are the top 2. And they give the consumer all the information they want. FOR FREE! Who doesn’t like free? As a matter of fact when we go on the internet we expect it to be free and we are offended when it is not. I know I do, how about you?

However no one could possibly run such a large technology business for free. From what I am told UBER drivers pay 25% of their fare to the company, I can guess YELP and OPEN TABLE charge the restaurants they promote.

So what about Zillow and Trulia? Why I can tell you how many calls a week I get from both trying to sell me ad space. They expect me to spend thousands of dollars to pay for the leads they get. Say what Rich? They are selling my information to lenders and Realtors? Yes they are, there are no free rides or apps out there.

Well that’s OK I’m just looking Rich. Really, so it doesn’t bother you when someone, who has paid to be promoted to you, gets your information and then starts calling and emailing you? Or better yet when you choose to work with them because they sent you an email that you found met your needs? Come on folks, you are smarter than that.

Yes they service these online companies provide is awesome. However do you really want to trust someone who you met online do help you with the single largest purchase in your life? Are you really going to send them all your personal information including your social security number? Really? What the heck are you thinking?

So please, talk to family and friends. Find someone they know who can and has been trusted in the past. For the younger folks I believe they call it a personal recommendation. Me I call it talking with folks, face to face. Face Book, Next Door, Twitter are not the places to find someone. All the Best Richie Rich


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