Curb Appeal

Whew, I am hot! When did summer arrive? We are at least 20 degrees above average. If you are selling your home or getting it ready to sell add water. Fast! Nothing helps sell a home as much as curb appeal. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines curb appeal as the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street. To me curb appeal is the difference between someone wanting to go in your home and look and looking just because they are there. SAY WHAT Rich?

Allow me to explain. Many a time I have a buyer in my car and we head to a home. When we arrive the buyer says. “Uh, Uhm” I ask if they like it and they say “NO, however let’s look anyway since we are here.” I am here to tell you I have never sold a home to a buyer that so disliked the outside they were hesitant to look inside. Even though the interior is amazing. Curb appeal counts.

Rich, really, I don’t want to remodel the front of my home. I get it. I am not asking you to unless it is falling down, however that is another discussion. I am asking that you clean it up and dress it up.

Are the trees blocking the front of the home. Perhaps we trim them to allow a view of the home. Are the shrubs blocking the windows? Let’s remove them and put in a flower bed. Is the grass gone? New sod time. Is the front of the home a blank slate? Let’s put some flowers in pots and hanging baskets and add some relief to the home that you can leave or take with you.

What about the driveway/walk way. Is it broken? Seal the cracks, most stores sell a tube product that works great.

Is the walk way clear of obstructions? Is it cracked and in need of a makeover? Perhaps you have no walkway, let’s add one. Are hoses put away neatly?

Another way to add curb appeal is dress up the front door. Fresh paint, new hardware, perhaps a knocker.

These are some truly basic ideas that you can do whether you’re selling or not. It is not too hot yet in the mornings to get these done. The weather is supposed to go back to normal. So get it planned, get it done before summer really arrives. All the Best Richie Rich

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