Christmas and Liverwurst

Hello my Faithful Readers and New Comers. This year I will share a personal story about  myself for Christmas…I hope You Enjoy It.

One of my fondest memories as a child was coming home from Candle Light Service and having a special snack. My oldest brother always wanted spaghetti, what my other two brothers ate I do not recall. Me, I always wanted liverwurst on Ritz crackers.

Since we lived in a German neighborhood there was never a shortage of liverwurst to be found. What great memories it produces to this day.

You see my Dad died when I was in 6th grade. Mom had to go to work and money was tight. So a special treat, an extra, always made me happy. With 3 brothers, a Grandma and 2 dogs, there were not many extras. There was always food on the table and a roof over our heads. We lived in a four-room, railroad car, flat style apartment.

Mom did not believe in welfare, etc. and as we boys got older, we all worked and put our money on the table to help with the bills. To me it was not a big deal, just what we did. I remember my first boss telling me he would not pay me; he would give it to my Mom or Grandma. No big deal, it was headed there anyway I thought, proud that in 7th grade I had my working papers and a job.

So knowing I would have liverwurst that night was a big deal to me. I knew the presents under the tree would be okay. Underwear, socks and the other things we needed. Nothing a young boy/teenager would be excited about for the most part. And truly not caring or understanding that we were poor. Liverwurst was my choice and I always got it. No suggestions for anything else, just what did you want for a snack after Church. MmmMmm.

As the song says, “Don’t cry for me.” I was and am happy. I still eat liverwurst and am grateful for the good memories it creates. It reminds me of the reason for the season. Church, family, good memories. Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night! Richie Rich

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