About Your Roof New and Old

Well the storm chasers have come through and many in the Treasure Valley are grinning because they received new roofs from their insurance company. Getting a major repair done is very rewarding and having it paid for by your insurance company is even better. I trust all is done well on your repair. OH, don’t worry Rich, we used a contractor. The same one all our neighbors used. Theirs looked good.

Right now all my warning systems are going off and beginning to overload. As a Dad my kids know that I trust them and believe in them. They also know this trust and belief contains the added touch of checking up on them once in awhile. It’s part of the job. So why treat a stranger with more trust than your own family members. Don’t feel bad, it’s human nature to be harder on our loved ones. What I am saying is get an independent person to check out the repair work.

Say what Rich! Get an inspection? Yes dear readers, hire someone to check the work that was done. Even the best repair people make mistakes. When they are told of them they are happy to fix any issues that have occurred. Why wait for rain or snow to create a problem that you may not see for a few years. Or turn up when you try to sell your home. Be pro active and prudent and have it checked out.

OK Rich, who is going to do that, who can I hire? Well I’ll tell you. How about a home inspector or handyman? They look at roofs and/or repair them all the time. They should be able to tell you if they see a problem. Personally I would hire a home inspector. Call your favorite Realtor and ask for the name of someone they recommend.

Good idea Rich, I’m ok though, my roof is 10 years old. I would say my friend if you have not climbed on top of it and walked it in the last year or so then perhaps you should pay someone to do it for you. Old and new, a little checking can’t hurt. It may cost a few dollars now that prevent a major cost down the line. All the Best Richie Rich

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