Buying & Selling a Home It’s Always Personal

I remember in the Movie the Godfather one of the characters says “It’s nothing personal it’s just business”, later on we learn from Michael that it is “They call it business. OK. But it’s personal as hell” I believe it is the same in selling or buying a home, it’s always personal.

             Sometimes as Realtors we can forget that little fact. What we need to remember as Realtors is that there are real people with real lives who just don’t understand why the deal hasn’t closed yet. Many times buyers and sellers are faced with dooming questions, where will I go, I ordered the truck, the movers are here, my family arrives tomorrow what, am I going to tell them, where are we supposed to stay and my favorite one, How come I don’t get the keys NOW! I am not trying to minimize the concerns; they are all very concerning and valid questions. As Realtors we need to remember that. Real people need real answers and just because this is a not so rare occurrence does not mean that the buyer or seller is used to it.

            Lenders need to learn this as well. When a buyer and seller sign a contract it is a binding contract that can be used in a court of law. Often times lending institutions forget this fact and the underwriter, the person behind the curtain my readers that approves the actual loan, is too busy CYAing instead trying to adhere to the contract as written. Often times the loan originator, the person the buyer deals with originally, and the Realtor work together to deal with the conditions of the underwriter. We actually had one underwriter who would not approve a loan because a drain was slow. Not inoperable, not leaking, just slow. Talk about frustrating for all involved.

            As a young man I went to buy a duplex with my bride and the repair work was not done as agreed. Youthfully prideful I told them to take their deal and stick it. Boy was I dumb. I should have worked with them to fix it. However it had become personal for me and my attitude could not be changed.  Another time a lender jokingly dared me to walk from a deal, my wife told him he should not joke like that because I would do it just to show him I could. Very very personal for me. So let’s all remember, it is personal, let’s not take it personally. Happy House Hunting, All the Best Richie Rich

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