Yo Meridian! Are We the New Dump Town?

Yo Meridian, what are we thinking! 1st we allow a waste transfer station to be put in at the SSC site on Franklin. Now Republic Services wants to build a sorting facility that will take in the recycled materials from not only Meridian but Boise and other states as well. (As reported in the Idaho Statesmen By Cynthia Sewell) The material recovery facility or murf as it is called will be on land that SSC currently owns in Meridian near 10 Mile. In case you didn’t hear Republic Services has purchased SSC. They take over by April 1st.

I am certain that these types of facilities are needed however I would not like them in town. If you come off the interstate and the 1st thing you see is a murf or as I view them, a dump, what impression are we making on visitors? What image are we sending out? The health and technology corridor are an awesome addition to our town. The City has done a great job on Meridian rd and I find it kinda cool that we have a race track in town. However, a transfer station and murf. Just not pretty, although perhaps necessary.

I’m thinking, why hasn’t anyone opened the murf up out in the desert, near the railroad tracks. Material could be shipped by rail. The facility would be off a Hwy exit yet not in town. I can understand the company wants everything to be near its operating facility to help save on costs however in looking long term perhaps having the facility a little further out might not be a bad idea.

I am excited to hear that Republic will be converting the sanitation trucks over to natural gas over time and they will be keeping the same containers and drivers. The transition should be smooth for the residents of Meridian.

OK enough griping my friends, thanks for listening. Happy house Hunting, All the Best Richie Rich

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One Response to “Yo Meridian! Are We the New Dump Town?”

  1. Sharon Ullman Says:

    Hi Rich! Ada County has a different kind of recycling project in the works up at the landfill. You can read more about it on my blog: http://sharonu.com/blog/turning-waste-into-energy-and-jobs/ and http://sharonu.com/blog/not-necessarily-news/ .

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