Happy Wife Happy Life

Gentlemen pleeezze keep this in mind. Especially when buying a home. Your wife loves you and she will say it doesn’t matter. She will say she loves the 1 bedroom fixer upper that has a 3,000 sq ft shop for you and your toys. As she is walking out the door headed to the next house. I was going to say something about mind reading here. Best I not do that.

As you begin shopping for your home several things will begin to come clear. Your wife knows what she wants and she is willing to give you some concessions, such as a three car garage, as long as her wants are met. Schools, neighborhoods, yards, kitchens are all very important. If she is cringing as she is saying that it will be ok for you to fix up the home, probably best if you either plan to pay someone to do it or find a new home. She is not doubting your talent and abilities, just the time you have to commit and finish the project. If the poker room still is not finished at your current home probably best if you either plan to pay someone to do it on this home or find a new home. (I know I know I am repeating myself. Some of us guys are thick headed and we need to be hit with a 2×4 on occasion).

Men, don’t argue about the colors she wants to paint the home. Let others do it for you. As your Realtor I am comfortable saying that a color scheme may not work, the folks at the paint store may also help in that area. I had one client who wanted her home painted yellow on the exterior. After visiting the folks at the paint store she realized the color would not hold very well and fade. A new color, her husband’s choice was selected. He got props for just trying to get her the color she wanted.

And fellas, if she truly does not like the kitchen, you will know because she will tell you multiple times the kitchen doesn’t work, find a new home. Or be prepared to PAY to have the entire kitchen remodeled PRIOR to moving in. Here is how it usually goes, starting with the fella. Honey I like this house. Did you see the kitchen? Yah, it’s not bad. Are kidding me, come look how small it is. It’s not bad, did you see the garage. I know it is a great garage for you how will we ever cook in this? It has the fireplace you like. The kitchen is too small (Guys we are on a sinking ship) Look at the yard! Look at the kitchen, it just won’t work. (as she is headed out the door to the next home).

You see boys, she is the Mother Hen, the Queen Bee, the True Ruler of the home. A benevolent dictator that allows us to be in charge, as long as we do want she wants.

So remember, Happy Wife! Happy Life! Happy house Hunting, All the Best Richie Rich

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