Land Grabbers By Rich Nesbit

Now that is a catchy headline guaranteed to make you notice huh? Well you guessed it; I’m here to talk about the Pilgrims. What? The Pilgrims? Yup. The Pilgrims. It is Thanksgiving!

I was watching a kids show the other day and was reminded of some things about the Pilgrims. First it is said they were not really seeking new land. They say they wanted religious freedom. However they had already found religious freedom in Holland, according to a story I read on the net, , yet they were concerned about the morals in Holland so off to America they went. I believe they wanted a place of their own. Remember The American Dream?

 The show talked about Samoset an Abnaki Indian whose tribe had been nearly wiped out in the New England area that the Pilgrims had settled in due to disease. It is estimated that 75% of the Indians in that area had died. Here’s when the land grab happened. See there was no land purchase, no eminent domain, just a taking of the land. Here is where we will live and claim it as our own the Pilgrims said. No one complained because the land had become vacant by the many that had died due to disease years before. As a Realtor I am here to tell ya, it might have been a hard sell anyway if the Pilgrims knew about it before settling there. Talk about a disclosure issue.

Samoset had learned English from the Captains of fishing vessels. His first thought was to help the Pilgrims by bringing in another Indian, Squanto, who spoke English better. Squanto had actually been to England and Spain which is where he learned to speak English. What a great idea Samoset had. I never really remembered Samoset from my youth, however I like him. He didn’t run out and hire an attorney to get back his land, a windfall or start a war. He extended a hand of friendship. True friendship. Let me help you and when I can’t do enough let me find someone who can do more. He knew there was enough to share and was kind enough to do so. How many of us remember to extend a helping hand to those in need.Then the Pilgrims remembered to do what was right. They shared as well. They invited the Indians back to enjoy the harvest with them. They also shared with newcomers to the settlement as well.

As I was driving through town the other week I noticed a line of people outside of St Vincent’s on Main St. People had lined up and were waiting for Thanksgiving dinner food boxes. Man I thought, how sad is that? So many people needing help. What I should have said is how can I help? What could I do, like Samoset did to help? So I ask you my dear readers, what can you do? How can you be like Samoset? Happy Thanksgiving to All

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