Meridian Idaho A Great Place To Live

Meridian has grown and continues to grow. Despite that it is still a great place to live. The quality of life here and hometown feel makes me glad to be a resident. I truly enjoy walking downtown and watching the parades go by. I enjoy seeing our elected officials around town and their availability to meet the public. Some places where people live seem designed to keep people out rather than invite them in. I like the public being invited in and the New City Hall is designed to reflect that thought as well. Keep up the good work! The Treasure Valley has consistently made the Forbes Best of List.


So why Meridian? What’s not to love? As Meridian continues growing and more conveniences are found locally what else do we need? More parks you say, yes, absolutely. City Hall and the Parks Department are working on it. Call the parks department and ask about the new parks planned. More organized sports for our children? They’re working on it. Cultural events, better paying jobs, they are working on it. City services in a central location, have you seen the New City Hall??? We even have our own food bank to help those in need.


About the only thing I can think of that we are missing is a local branch of an affordable housing program. If someone living in Meridian Idaho needs housing assistance they have to go to the Boise offices for help. That bothers me. Sometimes finding extra money for gas in the car to go to Boise can be a formidable challenge for some. So what did I do about it? I went to my local elected official, in this case the Mayor, and told Tammy about it. Will something be done today about it? No. However at least I can still go and see that official and tell them about how I feel and they listen. They listen. Try it. Get involved. Meridian, what a great place to live!!!



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